WordPress Meta_Key Ultimate Guide

This article belongs to the ultimate guide series, where we will show you and walk you through the WordPress Meta_Key.

Since we’re not wordy so just get on board and started

What’s meta_key

In WordPress, meta_key is a custom field, which will be in pair key/value.  Key is the unique ID or the string chains, and value is the information of that ID.

Let’s see the example below about meta_key:

Name: Cat

Nickname: Dragon Cat

Mood: Happy Cat

So you can see, “Name,” “Nickname,” “Mood” is the key and Cat, Dragon Cat,…etc. is value.

Where can I find my meta_key?

To get your meta_key or custom field ID, you need to answer:

What’s the value I want to show on?

Yes, that’s right, you must know what’s the value you want to show on the front end to get in done. That’s the very first step, and we think it’s so easy for you. Right? We already had a picture of meta_key so you can understand better.

The name is the unique strings chain or ID of custom fields. Value is its information.

So, let’s say if you want to show the value of “Disable voting on this article” like the picture below, you need to find it’s meta_key. Then the next video will show you how.

How to find WordPress Meta_Key – For non-tech savvy

After you know what’s the value you want to show, you will know where to get them right?

If you want to show the post’s title meta_key, trace back to that post

That’s right, on each post will have specific custom fields, so if you want to know that’s the meta_key of that information, just go to edit that post. Like the video below

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