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  1. Salvatore De Francesco

    Dear Sirs,

    firs of all, congratulations for your plugin!

    I have some presale questions:

    1) Can I assign a price to each added field (for example when a checkbox got checked or when an item of a combobox got selected)? If yes, the feature can be extended to repeaters?

    2) Does the upload field support multiple file uploads? If yes, when I upload some images, can I edit them (just cropping)? Can I assign a price to each uploaded image?

    3) In the upload field, can I upload files from Facebook or Instagram?

    If one or more features have not be realized yet, can you tell me if you planned to insert them in next versions and when you think will be published?

    Thank you in advanced for your reply.
    Salvatore De Francesco

    1. catsplugins

      Hello Salvatore,

      For the pricing for the field, you can’t make it right now, but that’s the most wanted feature, so I will make it in the near future, maybe in next 1-2 week, you will have it done!

      For Multiple file upload, yes, it does!

      For Upload from Facebook or Instagram, no you can’t, and I do not plan to integrate this feature in my plugin atm.

      Please let me know if you have any question!

      Thank you!

      Andrew at Cat’s Plugins

  2. Salvatore De Francesco

    Hello Andrew,
    thank you for your answer! Just one more question: using the upload file field, after the user uploads an image can he edit it (just cropping)? If not, I’ve found some plugins for ACF that can do it (ex. do you think that they will be compatible with your plugin?

    1. catsplugins

      Hi Salvatore,

      Oh yes, absolutely, you can use that plugin and show it on frontend for sure!

      1. Salvatore De Francesco

        Hi Andrew, thank you!! I’ll buy soon… good luck for your plugin 🙂

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