How to build custom actions for ACF Form Builder

Hey, yaa!!

It’s cool that ACF Form Builder¬†now supported custom actions, where you can register your custom actions. That mean you can let the form know what it needs to do after user submitted “Send” button.

Here’s the screenshot that will show you see exactly how it should works:

Regist your custom action

So, to register your custom action and let ACF Form Builder know, you need to know about these things first:

  • We prepared for you $data, which will contain all necessary¬†information & value of $_POST. When I say all, it’s ALL YOU NEED
  • You can add your functions to your theme’s functions.php file

OK, the code example below is the easiest way so you can understand how you should register your custom action.

On the source code, I have commented clearly things so you just need to follow and vice sera!!!

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