How does the plugin work?

To all my beloved customer!

You might wonder what’s the feature and how it will help you in increasing the productivity from marketing campaign? Well, today I have the answer for you guys.

How it works

Firstly, it will extend the country list of WooCommerce to the deeper level, I mean, 5 levels. It will be contained:

  • Country
    • States
      • City
        • District
          • Ward

Secondly, it will create a popup, which allows your customer to select their region on the first visit.

Thirdly, base on the location provided, the shipping fees will be calculated base on zip code of their region (detect automatically)

Fourthly, the plugin will create the additional selection field on WooCommerce checkout page, automatically based on customer’s region selection. The zip code fill will be filled out with the zip code of the region that customer selected too.

And the end, the custom location will be saved to customer profile as well as show in Order detail

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