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In this article, you will learn how to use the plugin, starting with General Options.

As showed on the image above, you have seen all the options on the General tab. I will go through one by one so you can understand all of the settings.

Debug Mode

This is the switch options, you can click the switch to on/off the feature. It’s useful when making the project from scratch.

By enable Debug mode, you will see the query generated after you click submit, instead of the result.

This setting allows you to perform AJAX search immediately after you put keywords in the search bar input. It will give you the results right below the search bar.

You can look at the image here to see how it work:

Advanced Search Form Builder - AJAX Search

Number of result

This setting will determine the number of result to return on search result page. It should be number only. I.e 9 ressult per page

Result Page

This will set the page that after user hit search button will be redirected to.

By default, when you active the plugin, it will create you a sample page called “Search result”, it’s also the default page when you create new search form.

Note 1: You can create multiple search result page for multiple form.

Note 2: You also can use only 1 search result page for multiple form. The search form will be dynamically generated on search result page, base on the search form user is searching.

Enable Autocomplete

Autocomplete is the feature of plugin where you can using the keys to select the results, here’s the keys supported by plugin:

  • Up
  • Down
  • Tab

This setting should be enable to help your user use the search function smoother. Your user wont need to use mouse to navigate through the result, they just need to use the up/down keys instead

Enable post title

This setting will include the post title in the live search result

Enable Taxonomy

This setting will show additional results that match in taxonomies. It’s hard to explain by words, so please take a look at the image below:

Live Result

This setting will allow you to include the Live Result section, below Taxonomy suggestion. It will show the best match results base on your query.

You can determine the number of item should be returned in Limit of item setting.

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