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Continue to the Filter Options and General Options tutorial for Advanced Search Form Builder plugin, we will learn how to use Bahavior Option, which will enable some fascinating option for smooth search experience!

This setting will determine if the auto search feature have affect or not.

To explain the auto search feature, in words, it will be:

When user type the keyword in search bar, the form will immediate search and suggest the results just below the search form.

In the image, it will be like this:

By turning on the option above, you will have 2 more additional setting which will define:

  • Minimum character to start auto search
  • Wait X milisecond after typing to start auto search

Tip: The optimal time delay typing should be from 300 or above

Enable search on change value select, radio, checkbox

This setting has showed how it will work :D.

If you want to start new search when user change criteria (only affect on dropdown select, radio or checkbox changes), then enable this option!

Hide button submit

If you want to hide the submit button of the search form, then just switch this option to ON :D. Easy, hehe

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