Additional Settings

In the demo above, you will see how the settings will affect to the Popup.

Auto detect country

By default, the popup will show all 5 fields selection, from Country to Neighborhood.

If you want to make it auto selected by current user’s IP, you can check that setting.

If the setting is checked, on the Popup, the field “Country” will be hidden, and only show the deeper value from the current country.

The country will be detected automatically by WooCommerce’s¬†algorithm

Only show available state/country

In the popup, you will see that the selections will be expanded from “State” to “Neighborhood”, that means 4 level.

But in the case, you do not want your customer spend too much time on the popup select, you will narrow down the selection to 2 fields only.

It can be:

  1. State => District (in the case the current state do not have cities)
  2. State => City (in the case the current state have cities


If you’re using multisite, or have sub-domains for each language, or limited the visitors from the other countries, the redirection will be useful to you.

The table of redirection is quite easy to follow.

You just need to select:

  1. Which country to redirect
  2. Where to redirect
  3. Kind of redirect


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