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In this article, we will learn how to use the plugin’s shortcode. Each shortcode will have the separate video, you can refer to the order 1 to 4 in the video play list above. The text part just below will explain you more about the shortcodes.


post_type param is the post types that you want to show on the pages, like, you have multiple frontends submit forms for multiple post types, but you just want to edit the post types “post” only, so you just select “post”.

Edit page URL is the page that you have edit shortcode.


This will help you generate the field group that corresponds to the post ID.

To have the edit page working, you must either have all the parameter filled, or the URL of the page have the following query:



After creating the field group and enable form feature, you will need to embed the shortcode contain the ID of the field group to have it appear on the front end. Like this

The group_id param must be filled, it’s required.


In the case you enabled the payment feature, you will need to create the checkout page to have it works. The shortcode will be like this

There’s no parameter on this shortcode so just need to place this shortcode anywhere you want to have the checkout page.

Pricing Table Generator

If you want to create the pricing table, you will need to use this shortcode.

package_id param is the packages that you want to display on the pricing table

style param is the styling selection, we can use style-1 to style-4. We have 4 different styles for you

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