[ASFB] – Behavior Options

Continue to the Filter Options and General Options tutorial for Advanced Search Form Builder plugin, we will learn how to use Bahavior Option, which will enable some fascinating option for smooth search experience! Enable Auto search This setting will determine if the auto search feature have affect or not. To […]

[ASFB] – Filters Option

Continue to the previous article of General options, this article will guide you through the filter options – the core of the plugin logic. Post type source Post type source is the setting that will tell the search form where to search the info. It’s the source of information that […]

[ASFB] – General Options

In this article, you will learn how to use the plugin, starting with General Options. As showed on the image above, you have seen all the options on the General tab. I will go through one by one so you can understand all of the settings. Debug Mode This is […]

ACF Form Builder Shortcode

Hello, In this article, we will learn how to use the plugin’s shortcode. Each shortcode will have the separate video, you can refer to the order 1 to 4 in the video play list above. The text part just below will explain you more about the shortcodes. SHOW POSTS


Missing Plugin After Installation

Hello, Some of you might in the trouble with missing the plugin after installtation. It’s fine, you just missed the parent plugin. To explain more, my plugins, some of them is the dependent plugin of Advanced Custom Fields plugin. What does that mean? It means you need to install Advanced […]

How does the plugin work?

To all my beloved customer! You might wonder what’s the feature and how it will help you in increasing the productivity from marketing campaign? Well, today I have the answer for you guys. How it works Firstly, it will extend the country list of WooCommerce to the deeper level, I […]

Additional Settings

In the demo above, you will see how the settings will affect to the Popup. Auto detect country By default, the popup will show all 5 fields selection, from Country to Neighborhood. If you want to make it auto selected by current user’s IP, you can check that setting. If […]

How to add new region to WooCommerce

This video above will help you to understand how it will work. Turn 1080HD to have the best video quality. Notes in this video, as well as the feature of the plugin: The plugin support 5 depth level: Country => State => City => District => Neighborhoods The country is […]

How to build custom actions for ACF Form Builder

Hey, yaa!! It’s cool that ACF Form Builder¬†now supported custom actions, where you can register your custom actions. That mean you can let the form know what it needs to do after user submitted “Send” button. Here’s the screenshot that will show you see exactly how it should works: So, […]