How to build custom actions for ACF Form Builder

Hey, yaa!! It’s cool that ACF Form Builder now supported custom actions, where you can register your custom actions. That mean you can let the form know what it needs to do after user submitted “Send” button. Here’s the screenshot that will show you see exactly how it should works: So, […]

ACF Multistep

ACF Multistep is an add-on to ACF Form Builder plugin, which will allow you to turn the very long form into the Multistep on your demand. ACF Multistep work both with/without ACF Form Builder, as long as you have ACF plugin there, then you can use this to break your […]

How to use Multiple Conditions

ACF For WooCommerce is a plugin that helps you add the custom fields to WooCommerce Checkout page or Single Product page, even My Account pages. In some case, you might need to combine the multiple conditions to show the fields; some cases below will show you the examples: Show custom […]